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Information about how we do Gluten Free...

- All of our chips are Gluten Free.

- All Gluten Free products are fried/cooked separately to avoid cross contamination.

- Our fish is coated in Gluten Free rice flour.

- We use separate kitchen utensils to ensure a full Gluten Free preparation area at all times.

- All of our staff are fully trained in the practices needed to ensure Gluten Free products can confidently be offered at Smithfield's.

* Whilst all precautions are taken we cannot 100% guarantee that non Gluten Free oil is present due to the working environment.

- Chicken Breast


- Mushy Peas


- Vinegar


- Mediterranean Chicken


   * Only sold in our Restaurant

Gluten Free options we offer at Smithfield's...

- Chips
- Cod
- Jumbo Haddock
- Chicken Tikka
- Jacket Potato
- Cod Roe

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